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"Made in Italy" means many things to many people...At OFFICINE MATTIO (OM), it means from fiber to tube forming to frame structure to paint without leaving the Peidmont area.

Heading south from OM’s headquarters, you will see the Ligurian Sea, iconic destinations such as Monaco and Nice to the west, Portofino to the east...In the center, you will see Genoa, above the coast On the hill of OM, is the production facility of OM. Like Europe, this is a humble building with magic hidden inside...

As the factory tour progresses, this is one of my favorites. It took 20 minutes to remind me that we bought two wheels instead of 4 wheels there...Before you see the works themselves, you will see people doing something very unusual for a frame shop matter……

In the United States, supercars are rarely driven in any way that resembles anger, but travel around the world and you will find that the best cars are driven to (or even beyond) their capabilities and designs.

This is a store dedicated to making some of the fastest vehicles in the world run faster.

Once you dive into the store, you will begin to understand that they are very serious about making some of the best bike kits on the planet. When I say "production", I mean from testing molds and prototypes to production molds, and then to full frame construction, starting from the virtual head, pipe by pipe, piece by piece.

Given that the process requires multiple trips to the autoclave for some baking and curing time, time does not allow to start using the review bike to complete the construction. But since OM has several ongoing projects, we will still fully understand all the steps.

With this, we will complete the process from the original fiber to the road using Lemma 2.0.

There are mountains of fiber on hand. Unidirectional sheets, multiple weave densities and moduli, fibrils, prepregs, strands... They deal with so many different processes here, if you are the only person in the room who has not experienced it, it is easy to get lost Which did this for generations.

For the tube group being assembled, this means manually cutting the sheet prepreg.

These sheets are layered for the supervisor group to provide strength, directional support, and multi-directional (and beautiful) top weaving...

Then there are custom machined molds. (OM did not ask to delete the insert details, but I want to go back one day, got the whirlpool...)

We will omit several steps of preparation, but pay attention to oriented fibers. It's a bit like a tailor arranging pinstripes on a suit. The edge of the mold helps to set the direction of the outer weaving.

Once the edges are set, it is important to eliminate any air between the fibers and the mold, which also helps to compact the layers.

It is not always as simple as three pieces of fiber, and there may be additional orientation or support layers in the tube system.

Of course, not everything is as simple as a round tube.

It is much more complicated to combine compression/short fiber molded parts (such as a rear fork or disc mount) as part of a single structure (such as a chainstay). In fact, a more difficult problem to solve (if you want a special kit instead of another straight tube) is this little guy...

Of course, in the past, it was relatively difficult for many people to shape the fork well, but Officine Mattio made the lemma to make the fork more complicated, which we will introduce later.

Once all the tubes have been manufactured and cut to fit, our team at OM put everything in a jig, just to let the eyeballs see what the Lemma tube set looks like in the flesh.

Once everything is normal, OM will enter the process of connecting pipes. It is this process that sets OM apart from most builders.

The Tube-to-tube custom carbon fiber frame is relatively similar in process, but the process used by OM is more like a hard shell mold. The advantage of the hard shell shape (the entire frame, and in some cases, the entire front triangle is produced as a single piece in a large mold) is a very strong, almost seamless structure, compared to lugs or tube-to-tube, The joints are cleaner and smaller in size. The disadvantage of monocoques is that the one-piece molds are expensive, so they are limited to a few stock sizes, rather than the process that usually allows for full customization of the frame.

Officine Mattio has a process called IWS (Internal Wrapping System), which produces results similar to Monocoque and allows full customization of the frame geometry.

There are no photos of this exclusive part of the OM production is so different from what is done elsewhere.

What I can show you are a few external pictures, and you can view a few joints with the process. This is the top tube/head tube, looking down from the top.

This looks relatively seamless on the inside, while the radius transition of the external joint is much smaller (the pipes are brought together with less material around). Inside, this IWS frame looks a bit like a monocoque body (internal pressure forming, pressing carbon against the mold). This is different from the typical tube-to-tube bonding process, in which the tubes are glued together in a clamp, then wrapped outside, then bagged, and finally pressurized (and heated) from the outside.

Also look at the bottom. Here, the BB shell is cut into the shape of the chainstay, and the wrapper enters the BB shell from the chainstay.

The benefits of IWS are not just decorative. Generally speaking, the longer the carbon fiber enters the two pieces being connected, the stronger the connection. Yes, the delamination and fiber direction are also important, and the total volume (thickness) of the fiber is also important. The proper pressure (at the correct temperature) is also important to compress the material together and expel any space/air between the fiber layers. IWS allows you to stretch long fibers into two connected pieces and apply high molding pressure to compress the material inside and outside the joint. Please note that I am talking about "entering" because when the carbon fiber is properly shaped and passed through the uncut joint, it becomes an integral part of the two parts of the structure.

When all these internal loves, from the raw fiber to the pipe making to the frame assembly are done well, the result is very good...

Lemma 2.0 is the latest version of OM pneumatic all-rounder. This is a Kam tailpipe, and all cables are almost completely inside (rods, rods, forks, frame) to help airflow.

The cross-section of the down tube is a bit difficult to identify as Kamm (especially black), but when you consider the diagonal crossing of the air through the shape, the outline is there.

You can see more of the front edge shape through the front fork...

You can also see how easy it is to install 30-segment tires on Lemma's front forks... there is a similar space behind, and Lemma will install 35-segment tires on most wheels.

Increasing tire capacity, being able to specify geometric shapes for any discipline, and acknowledging round heads and seat tubes, Lemma seems more like a very clean all-rounder.

Part of the cleaning process is the smooth hose/cable routing for the fork...

The front part of the front fork is open, used to connect the front brake cable to the steering tube, down through the crown, into/out of the leg...

The steering tube itself also has a channel, allowing more wiring through the upper tube and the lower tube.

Rolling to the back, the seat group is also very neat...

Hidden binders are not new, but you don't usually see them in the tight spaces available on Lemma... Officine Mattio uses compression screws to push the block towards the seatpost inside the seat tube to deal with this problem.

You may notice a very slight bulge at the top tube/seat tube joint because this is an area where the full support for the joint is externally wrapped. Since the seat tube is a standard plug-in device, no cables or brakes can pass through here, and it doesn’t make much sense to run the fiber inside the seat tube, just hinge it out so that the seat tube fits. This extra slight volume also allows space to be suitable for seat binding settings.

The slightly raised part is also related to the wide flat part of the upper tube...

The shape expands to 3 times the volume of the head tube, and its function is to prevent twisting/side bending...

The down tube joint at the head tube is one of the better examples of the tightness/compactness of an IWS joint. No extra material is required for internal/external reinforcement.

The down tube shape stays still when away from the head tube. Clean connectors and internal wiring mean that nothing will break the lines of the down tube. Its shape remains almost the same over the entire length.

Below, we have the bottom bracket/seat tube/down tube and the big dad who keeps...joint.

This is also a compact structure with IWS at the joint and requires minimal external wrapping, extending only an inch or two over the tube.

Chainstays (and disc mounting seat) are molded into chainstays at one time. (Although proto is not built with standard QR drop).

The lemma at hand is the through shaft, please note that the compression point is metal. (Here are just some external packaging, no IWS).

The pillars are large box-shaped cross-sections and ribs (on both sides) to increase the tube volume and lateral rigidity without increasing the size of the tube (to maintain a refined aesthetic).

They look better on the finished product (with the correct parts of course).

The seat stays are one-piece, they are glued and wrapped at both ends-the rear is inserted into the bottom.

The pillars are rounder at the top, descend to the middle and flatten...

The precise movements of the rear machinery and the large pulleys, the almost instantaneous changes and trimming capabilities of the front, the exquisite shape of the hood, and the adjustable levers to adapt to... and it is very beautiful.

Operationally, Campagnolo's disc brake modulation is the current benchmark (super record through this range...). With the development of mechanical transmission, Campagnolo's 12-speed system is equivalent to a perfect combat trigger today. I found Shimano to be very smooth, very smooth in multiple shifts or single upshifts. Campagnolo's Super Record, Record, and Chorus can be easily switched, but the index can provide you with reliable feedback gear by gear. In single or multiple shifts, your thumb can bite 1-2-3 gears, and you will never catch more than expected. Roll back the cassette and you will also get feedback between the gears.

Yes, electronic products are great, but I like Campagnolo’s Mechanical, just like I like Omega’s Speed ​​and Sea do your work, they do theirs, no accidents, no external help , Never need a battery.

(In other words, it is easier to construct lemmas and everything else with electronic devices...)

Although I almost always choose Campagnolo wheels (there is a set that can be replaced with Lemma if needed), I am also very satisfied with the bling in the form of OM's House wheels.

In this case, it must be Pirelli Race TLR...

These are tubeless preparations, with soft finishes and graphics that match the structure. OM builds these internally and provides a combination of hubs that suits your needs. In this case, the matching golden OM logo and golden carbon-titanium wheels are mixed with subtle graphics, adding some colors that are often overused. In fact, most people miss the little information about accommodation..."Perfetta come l'acqua –solida come la roccia – leggera come il vento"

Do we really need to discuss the itinerary?

Officine Mattio is run by someone with the heart of a rider (third from the bottom right). The staff consists entirely of cyclists, and they all have a similar goal of creating the best kit they can manage (and they can Well managed), and they want to do relatively everything without leaving Italy.

Their paint/finishing team is on the road, and this is a generation of talents in a brand new facility.

The carbon fiber staff is also in Piedmont, also for multiple generations, run by Sergio (second from the bottom right), frankly speaking, he is a genius in fiber (carbon fiber, Kevlar fiber, wood, honestly If he could build a frame with any material, I wouldn’t be surprised that it is growing nearby, or walking around the creek behind the store...).

Even a dealer in the United States may have ridden more miles in Europe and may be more than 50 years older than almost everyone reading this review... (he is the man on the far right).

This is a group that first understands bicycles. Officine Mattio's entire product line is worth owning, from carbon fiber to strip steel, stainless steel, titanium​​​​​​ .

Lemma 2.0? Now, bicycles can choose to drive the most mileage at home.

It is stable, light weight, and handles well.

The appearance is very clean.

Remove the bottle cage, it almost has the delicate appearance of a track bike. Only a few inches of cables are shown on the complete mechanical structure.

There is no public technology for vibration or impact damping on Lemma. Without suspension or crazy-shaped tubes, OM uses high modulus carbon and relatively high compression molding throughout the frame and fork (in part due to the IWS process).

Nonetheless, Lemma has a kind of full frame damping, which feels more like a 5 pound bike... This is the 20 pound Ti bike from the late 90s, and it runs smoothly on the road. But stepping on the accelerator or diving into the corner, it also reminds me of the first 13-14 lb carbon fiber frame and ultra-light wheels I remember. Lemma 2 has a very hard/efficient bottom end, but it refuses to let your teeth rattle or chatter on uneven roads, just like you are riding a Theragun massager. Many bicycles that are so stiff in the drive look disturbed in the corners, but this just feels planted, but with feedback, you will be grateful when you push things.

A large part of this ride quality comes down to the 30-knot tubeless Pirelli at low pressure (a new trend that basically messed up my 30-year comfort benchmark).

When you consider the tire size, you realize that you can use a few larger sizes. If your geometry is correct, this is a great Gravel Race bike? Change to smaller profile/lighter wheels (and keep 30 inches or drop to 27 inches), this is your climbing gear... Add 60 knots wheels and 27 tubeless wheels (or Campagnolo’s latest Shamal, This is an excellent all-round wheelset), and you have an extremely stable Aero bike.

I have played wheel and tire combination games with Lemma 2, and I am happy to be confused.

I asked for the geometry to be turned to neutral (very close to OM's inventory), and a Lemma 2 (with a few different wheels) is basically the best two or three bikes I have.

Now, it would be great if I could afford that Ferrari 812 GTS...I can order the SL model of OM and have them ship it with the custom aerodynamic kit for that model and the 458, and then use the same The colors are delivered at the same time...

The Lemma 2.0 frame, front forks, very beautiful one-piece handlebars/stems (not shown in this review) and small parts in stock sizes are $7,499, and fully customized stock finishes/graphics are $8,499. Of course, this will go beyond custom geometry changes, because you can standardize completion or prosperity far beyond stock graphics and builds.

Today (11/1/2021) delivery time is 90 days for customization and 30 days for inventory (depending on completion).

Before you become too suspicious of these quantities, please remember that this is similar to the cost of many Halo-class European bicycles, which offer little customization and are the same as the clothes and wallets sold on eBay or your local exchange in Italy. At least those Italian-quality Asian counterfeit products on eBay have a 50-75-90% discount, but the prices of Far East bicycles with European labels are similar to OM's best.

One dollar for one dollar, I don’t know why people buy ready-made labels instead of customized ones.

Everything in Lemma is from carbon sheet to finish to paint without leaving Piedmont. If you use stock graphics, you can choose the color (even the stock size).

A variety of build kits and OM's own wheel sets are provided (the wheel sets can also be customized according to the color of the label, and you have several wheel choices). You may wish to change components, so complete pricing should be discussed directly with retail sources.

You can find more information at:

The exclusive North American importer of Officine Mattio is Soren Krebs of Velo-Italia. Email: [Email Protection] Phone: +1 312 479 2478.

Red Lantern Cycles 883 Santa Cruz Ave Unit #3 Menlo Park, CA 94025 Tel +1 650 853 3051

Serious Cycling 29041 Thousand Oaks Avenue. Agoura Hills, California 91301 Phone +1 818 597 8330

Serious Cycling 19600 Plummer Street Suite #100 Northridge, CA 91324 Tel +1 818 597 8330

Cyclologic (retail, performance optimization and sports analysis education) 9376 E Bahia Dr – STE D104 Scottsdale AZ 85260 480-699-5358

Officine Mattio and Velo Italia are pleased to announce that they are expanding their retail partner network. In order to meet the needs of customers who have not established Officine Mattio partners, you can purchase Officine Mattio frames by contacting Velo-Italia directly or contacting the above-mentioned retailers.

Text and photography by Charles Manantan. [Email protection]

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