The new Norton V4SV is a beautiful British superbike

2021-12-08 06:22:03 By : Ms. Nina Cai

Norton Motorcycles' new V4SV superbike takes the luxury of superbike to a whole new level.

The newly redesigned V4SV is the most luxurious British superbike ever. It is considered to be the only superbike in production that is made and designed by the UK, and its handling, speed and feel are said to be unparalleled. V4SV was imagined in "Isle of Man TT" and it is where it was born. This beautiful Norton bike is the epitome of the car manufacturer's rich racing experience, and its design takes into account everything a rider is looking for in a road bike. This new model is expected to set a new standard in the motorcycle industry.

Norton’s redesigned front-runner superbike is considered the most luxurious British motorcycle. It is now called V4SV, and its spec sheet looks similar to the V4SS it replaces.

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V4SV uses bold lines to create a vibrant, dynamic and stylish silhouette, slim and compact, which brings incredible receptivity to riding. The fearless design is undoubtedly Nortonian, and the company claims that the new model is the pinnacle of its design DNA. The frame is carefully hand-made, and the Tig welded aluminum tube frame is mirror polished, which is very tactile and expressive. Because the carbon fiber body reduces the weight for better responsiveness, the bicycle has the best weight.

The brand-new V4SV provides the Carbon or Manx color scheme of the customer's choice. The Manx solution is equipped with a Manx Silver body, a full-color Union Jack pattern, and red and black pinstripes. Red OZ Racing's forged aluminum wheels make the silver stand out, and the entire exterior uses a black front license plate and painted carbon fiber webs. The carbon color scheme may be underestimated. Although it is monochromatic, it is composed of carbon fiber and is equipped with BST wheels and monochromatic Union Jack and gray pinstripes. In these two color variants, the pedals, pedals and yoke are all machined from billet aluminum.

The new superbike retains the refined aluminum frame that can be quickly identified, the Ohlins suspension, Brembo integral brakes with 330 mm brake discs, and the carbon fiber body of the previous model. The 1200cc 72-degree V4 engine does not seem to change from the outside, but the engine power drops from approximately 200 horsepower to 185 horsepower at 12,500 rpm. The torque has been reduced from the claimed peak of 95.8 lb-ft to 92.5 lb-ft, 1,000 rpm ahead of the speed range. The decrease in torque and power indicates that the engine in the old bicycle may be overstressed. Currently, in the final stage of engineering development, it is said that every bicycle component has been re-evaluated, including the 1200 cc V4 powertrain. The internal engine can produce 185 horsepower and 92 pound-feet of torque. The tubular aluminum chassis contains the electric motor that resides in it, while the body is made of carbon fiber.

The new V4 still has a rear camera, keyless ignition and a TFT dashboard.

The motorcycle is equipped with variable modes such as LED lighting, keyless ignition, road, sports and wetland. It also has a fast shifter, speed matching function, and a six-axis IMU that provides tilt-sensitive traction control. This super sports bike is also equipped with a custom Norton Ohlins TTXGP rear shock and a fully adjustable Ohlins front fork. The radially mounted Brembo monobloc front caliper handles the Brembo Braking on the front and a 245mm single disc on the back with two 330mm floating rotors.

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The V4SV kit looks satisfactory on paper in the rider assistance and technical departments. The whole bicycle is equipped with LED lighting, including DRL. The rear-view camera function is accompanied by a full-color six-inch display with automatic brightness adjustment. Norton mentioned that the camera will not replace the rearview mirror, but will be provided as a supplement. The six-axis IMU authorizes three engine modes, namely road, sports, and wetland, as well as tilt-sensitive traction control. A quick shift system with automatic baffle, electronic steering lock, and keyless ignition are standard equipment. With all its high-end features, the price of this high-end motorcycle is expected to be too high because the price of the V4SS itself is more than $60,000.

V4SV is the first Norton motorcycle to be unveiled to the public since TVS acquired the company after management setbacks in 2020. Therefore, the pressure behind the scenes seems to be great. This bike is very impressive in terms of appearance and looks attractive. If all goes well, it might rule the streets in the typical Norton fashion style.

For V4SS, speed is the motivating factor. It is not uncommon for this machine to exceed 200 mph.