DragonPlate releases telescopic pipe clamps for carbon fiber pipes

2021-12-08 06:29:20 By : Ms. Tracy Yu

Carbon fiber telescopic pipe clamp

Dragonplate recently released a telescopic tube clamp system that provides a powerful and easy-to-use method to create expandable carbon fiber tube assemblies. These telescopic pipe clamps have adjustable screws to perfectly fit the sliding pipe and the clamping rod, and the length of the rod can be quickly adjusted. By simply gluing the carbon fiber tube to the lower half of the tube clamp and sliding the next smaller tube into the upper half, the one-piece structure makes assembly easy.

Compared with aluminum or glass fiber, the advantages of carbon fiber tubes for telescopic components are huge. The rigidity of standard carbon fiber tube is about the same as aluminum, but the weight is only half. However, the real benefit is the use of high modulus carbon fiber tubes. Dragonplate offers a high modulus tube that is harder than steel, but still weighs only half of aluminum. The result is an easy-to-operate telescopic tube set, for example with a microphone or camera cantilever, easy to install, in the case of a portable communication tower, and without worrying about corrosion or warping over time.

By applying these new telescopic tube clamps and high modulus tubes to the camera arm, a cantilever longer than traditional materials can be manufactured. For example, while an aluminum boom may not be able to cantilever more than 10 or 15 feet without significant sagging, the ultra-high modulus carbon fiber telescopic boom can extend 20 feet or more, but is light enough to be portable. Its applications include inspection tools, tactical police and military cameras, and production studios. The high modulus carbon fiber tube itself can be used as a direct substitute for any application where carbon fiber is suitable, but requires additional weight reduction or increased stiffness. Ultra-high modulus carbon fiber tubes are three times more rigid than standard carbon fiber tubes, providing the ultimate stiffness and low weight options for almost everything from industrial automation robots to idler rollers to sporting goods.

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