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2021-12-08 06:29:43 By : Ms. Wendy Lee

So you want to shine the next time you buy a mountain bike, but how many trips are too much? If you have been thinking about this issue for some time and have decided to get rid of the most pressure that can still be stepped uphill, then Canyon Torque may be the journey of your current dream.

The redesigned Torque can be used with all three wheel size configurations in aluminum or carbon fiber. A bicycle with a 27.5-inch rear wheel has a rear travel of 175 mm with a 180 mm front fork, while the complete 29 rider uses 170 mm front and rear squeeze. If you need to move your bike closer to a complete DH sled, all options are compatible with dual crowns.

Now for the long and slack part, we all look forward to the redesigned gravity frame. The new torque ranges of 440, 465, 490 and 510 mm in the four sizes are not jaw-dropping. All hybrid wheels and the chainstays on the 27.5-inch bicycle and the smallest 29er are short 435mm, while the three larger 29 people are balanced by the 440mm long chainstays. The flip chip of the frame can adjust the seat tube angle between 77.5° and 78°, and tilt the head tube between 63.5° and 64°. The seat tube is cut to an average length, with a medium size of 430 mm and a large size of 445 mm, which may allow some riders to choose a larger frame.

Canyon said that the suspension kinematics has been improved to provide the best grip while also creating a relatively efficient pedaling platform. The same frame becomes harder and lighter. Canyon said they designed alloy and carbon fiber models to ride on the track as much as possible.

Prices for the five new Torque build options range from $3,299 to $5,399. Click Go to Canyon site for more details.

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