The 2JZ-GTE A90 Toyota Supra Engine Swap You Dream About

2022-08-27 22:40:03 By : Mr. James Guo

We couldn't have been any more excited when news broke that Toyota was working on a fifth-generation Supra model. With decades of the MkIV chassis overshadowing its older siblings and the tuning community reaching unprecedented heights with the venerable 2JZ-GTE motor, the new version would have some huge shoes to fill. When we found out the engine would be taken from BMW's shelves and a manual transmission wouldn't be an option (at that time), the anger was apparent.

Guys like Marc Tcham, owner of a long list of previous and current project cars, some of which have been featured by Super Street, was content with the car's look but also questioned its motivation. Once he got his hands on this 2020 Supra, he had quite a few ideas already swimming around in his head and he, much like us, wondered what the A90 would feel like with a touch of legendary 2JZ power.

Those thoughts of Japanese power didn't have much time to swell since Marc felt that after just 400 miles on the factory engine, a big change was in order. "I just decided to pull the motor out and swap the 2JZ," he states. "The two-month project turned into two years of non-stop R&D. Those two years were worth it as the car is one of my favorites that I own currently."

In undeniably elevated company, Marc's Supra was added to a stable that includes an R34 V-Spec, RB26-powered S15, an F12, and more. You've seen some of his previous work with our features on his Sheepey Race-powered, widebody Huracan and Rocket Bunny NSX, the latter of which he mentions a "2JZ-powered A90 Supra in the works."

Finally complete after a few years of ups and downs, the car is working the way that Marc envisioned and it's making the sort of power that you've come to expect from Toyota's '90s hero, eclipsing the 1,000 whp mark with its single turbo set up. That sort of thing doesn't happen by accident, regardless of what the internet will tell you. The basis for this engine build starts with a stout block comprised of a Brian Crower crank, 10.5:1 CP pistons, and Carillo rods.

The ported and polished head, stuffed with a fresh Supertech valvetrain and GSC cams is locked in place with ARP studs and the previously mentioned turbo motivation comes by way of a Precision 7675 bolted to a custom manifold on one side, with a long Sleeper Design intake manifold on the other. Plenty of E85 is supplied to ID2200 injectors by way of a trio of Walbro pumps supported by an Aftermarket Industries surge tank. The entire operation is overseen by Link Xtreme and sings to the tune of 1,060 whp with 875 lb-ft of torque sent through a 420G Getrag transmission.

Brute force was the goal, but not at the expense of style, with Marc having the Powerhouse Racing valvecover treated to a candy teal finish before adding titanium hardware. The intercooler piping could have been standard aluminum, but what fun is that when burnt titanium adds some extra spice to the bay?

Based on some of his other builds, we expected some sort of wild widebody conversion, but Marc maintained a sleeker exterior this time around with a carbon fiber Aim Gain lip kit fitted to the sides and front bumper, a single-exit rear diffuser, and a set of EVS Tuning fenders with high pressure relief cut-outs formed just behind the front wheels. The rear wing should look familiar as the carbon fiber arch was taken from the MkIV Supra. Like his other builds, Marc's signature Grigio colorway is used.

The fitment and presence of the wheels that fit perfectly at all four corners is a result of custom 19-inch Work Meisters. Laced with teal hardware and matching stickers, they were covered with Toyo Proxes R888 that include a 285 in the rear to help harness some of that power. An APG big brake kit features similarly colored teal calipers and hats, which, set against the matte black wheels and Grigio body make for a stunning combo.

Those teal touches continue inside the Supra with Project Mu sport pedals and shifter, and a Mobile Weld Specialist roll bar that sits just behind carbon Kevlar-backed Bride Gias II seats. Whatever is happening under the hood is relayed to Marc via AIM Sports' MXL digital cluster and data logger.

The BMW B58 has been shown to make substantial power and Marc could've easily gone that direction, but for the guy that loves to stand out in a crowd, this mix of old and new proved to be the ideal formula to realize his vision of the perfect A90.

Engine 2JZ-GTE swap; custom engine mounts; Brian Crower 3.0 crank; 10.5:1 CP pistons; Carillo rods; Supertech valvesprings, retainers; GSC 278 cams; ported and polished head, 5-angle valve job; ARP head studs; Precision 7675 turbo, custom exhaust manifold, downpipe, titanium dump tube x2; HKS exhaust, adjustable cam gears; Turbosmart 44mm wastegate x2; Sleeper Design intake manifold; 4-row intercooler w/custom piping; Walbro fuel pump x3; ID2200 injectors; Aftermarket Industries surge tank, E85; Powerhouse Racing valvecover; Link Xtreme ECU

Power 1,060 whp/875 lb-ft of torque

Drivetrain 420G Getrag transmission; custom F80 M3 short shifter, Frankenstein LSD; ClutchMasters triple disc clutch; 1-piece driveshaft; Driveshaft Shop axles

Braking 8-piston APG big brake kit; 380mm rotors

Wheels & Tires Work Meister 19x9.5 front, 19x11 rear; Toyo Proxes R888 245/35 front, 285/35 rear

Exterior Inozetek Nardo Grey vinyl wrap; carbon fiber AimGain lip kit; single exit rear diffuser; EVS Tuning fenders; Seibon MkIV carbon wing

Interior Bride Gias II carbon Kevlar-backed seats; Takata harnesses; Vertex steering wheel; Project Mu pedals, shift knob; Mobile Weld Specialist custom roll cage; AIM Sports MXL digital cluster, datalogger

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