Carbon Fiber Winding Pipe, Carbon Fiber Pipe

Carbon fiber CFRP products:customized shape products, CF sheets, CF tubes, carbon rods from BLUSTON carbon fiber factory in Zhejiang, China CFRP TUBE Product FeatureBLUTSON proprietary Continuous Braiding Composite (CBC) processPerformance• High strength TORAY 700 carbon fibers• 0-90° designable fiber d

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Carbon fiber CFRP products:customized shape products, CF sheets, CF tubes, carbon rods from BLUSTON carbon fiber factory in Zhejiang, China 

Carbon Fiber Winding Pipe, Carbon Fiber Pipe

Product Feature
BLUTSON proprietary Continuous Braiding Composite (CBC) process

• High strength TORAY 700 carbon fibers
• 0-90° designable fiber directions
• Zero seam compared to roll-wrapped tubes
• No length limitations in terms of braiding

• Automatic braiding and post-processing ensure uniformity

• Highly efficient continuous braiding contributes to high capacity and low cost

Parts List

OD (mm)ID (mm)Density (g/cm³)Linear Density (g/m)Flexural rigidity (N*mm)Flexural  Strength (Mpa)
We could do customization, any other size and length needed please feel free to contact us.

Carbon Fiber Winding Pipe, Carbon Fiber Pipe


Carbon Fiber Winding Pipe, Carbon Fiber Pipe


1.100% carbon fiber,carbon fiber pultruded rod
2.CFRP product carbon fiber pultruded rod,flat,strip 1mm x 1000mm made in China

  Item:    CFRP product pultrusion carbon fiber pole rod,flat,strip - 2mm x 1000mm made in China 

Process:heat press



1.High strength.

2.Light weight.

3.Corrosion resistance.



1.base plates
2.covers, troughs
3.fume ducts
5.mounting boards
6.small buildings

7.aerospace,RC model parts

8.manufacture fixtures and tooling

9.industial automation and robotics

10.sports equipments

11.musical instruments

12.scientific apparatus

13.medical device



Carbon Fiber Winding Pipe, Carbon Fiber Pipe

1. Brief Introductions to carbon fiber strips:.                                     Carbon fiber strip/sheet  has extremely high strength, light weight, with shiny and clear appearance, widely used for model helicopter parts and hobby market. It can be made into pure carbon fiber or glass fiber core with carbon fiber surfaces, thickness range from 0.2mm to 10mm, customized thicknesses and sizes are available. Stand for complete solution, we supply full size to pre-cut panel, as well as CNC machined parts to your specification.
2. Manufacturing Process:                                            
Pultrusion is a continuous process for manufacturing composites with a uniform cross-sectional shape. Fiber reinforcement is pulled through a resin-impregnation bath and into a shaping die where the resin is subsequently cured, or set. Heating to both gel and cure the resin is accomplished within die length. Pultrusion yields continuous lengths of material with high unidirectional strengths.
3. Product Description: 
Materials: 75%carbon fiber & 23% resin & 2% filler or carbon fiber pregreg
Dimension: Customized
Wall thickness:  As per customer 
Surface treatment: smooth, matte finish, high glossy finish
Craft: pultrusion &  moulding, Laminated 
Composite Type: Unidirectional Orientation
Density: 1.5g/cm3 
Grain size: 1K, 1.5K, 2K, 3K, 6K, 12K, 24K
Color: various kinds of color for you to choose
Here is the dimension that we have:

Width(mm)             Thickness(mm)
Length and color are not limited. Custom sizes are accepted. If not finding the specification you demand, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

4 Advantages:
1. Light weight and high strength: The strongest of all commercial reinforcing fibers in tension. Especially good for the tension skin on cored composite laminates.
2. Excellent corrosion resistance: Used in reinforcing concrete, carbon has good alkaline resistance as well as resistance to salt water and many other chemical environments.
3. Excellent fatigue properties: Used as a primary reinforcement for fatigue prone products such as helicopter and wind turbine blades as well as off shore power and sailboats. 
4. Excellent compression properties: Proper fiber sizing for the resin matrix selected can yield impressive compressive properties but this quality can be quite difficult to measure with standard. 

5 Properties:
Property Index of ProductsCarbon Fiber Strip 
Tensile Strength≥2400MPa
Elastic Modulus   ≥2500MPa                                      
Elongation Percentage≥1.5%
Bending Strength≥50MPa
Compressive Strength≥70MPa
Pulling Bonding Strength along with Concrete≥2.5MPa
Interlaminar Shear Strength≥50MPa

6. Wide Application: 
Carbon fiber pultruded flat strip is suitable for 
1,The remedy repair and strengthening of the plate and beam of concrete structures
2,The strengthening of openings around the wall and plate
3,The strengthening of beans of wooden buildings
4,The strengthening of bridge plate ,bridge pier and girder
5,The remedy repair and strengthening of tunnel and cable lines

Carbon Fiber Winding Pipe, Carbon Fiber Pipe
Carbon Fiber Winding Pipe, Carbon Fiber Pipe


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