Overwatch: Ranking each Echo skin

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Echo is one of the newer characters in Overwatch, and we have ranked all possible skins for her.

Skins are a very important part of a long-term franchise like Overwatch, and keeping up with the new designs of more than 30 characters can be a real chore! This list will help you sort out the basics and brilliance.

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Echo is the 32nd playable character in Overwatch, released in April 2020. Echo was initially underestimated by players, but in the past year, as one of the hidden gems (and the last hero) in the original Overwatch lineup, she has lived up to her legend before the release of Overwatch 2 Released for "Overwatch"! ). Here, we complete the task of selecting new skins by decomposing Echo's best epic (non-league) and legendary choices.

As one of the first skins that Echo players can use when launching her character, Carbon Fiber is a great tribute to the actor-scope skin that has continued to be established in Overwatch. It reimagined Echo in black and white, with her wings wrapped in textured carbon fiber. A green accent was added to give her a "technological" glow, including the details of her fingers, joints and face.

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Although it may have a pleasing color scheme, it is a pity that the wings and body lack details, which makes this skin rank lower on the list. It's just a bit too plain, which is especially obvious to the eyes considering the overall design of the Echo.

Hot Rod-also launched as a skin for Echo's character-in terms of details, the design may be as simple as carbon fiber, but for the awesome firetruck red shimmer that the designer chose for this skin, something must be said . This is a color choice, very cost-effective, you can almost smell gasoline.

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Both carbon fiber and hot rod can be unlocked by players for 250 gold coins, which makes them a good entry skin for new Echo players.

The camouflage is not only suitable for the larger camouflage skins already seen in the heroes of Overwatch, but also a cool reimagining of Echo's HUD, making her feel more robotic. This design is also the basic legendary skin of Echo, which will allow players to return 1,000 gold coins.

Both Camo and Stealth are good skins for players who want to add Echo to their existing military or robotic style team skin suits.

Only slightly higher than the camouflage skin is Stealth, which is the second of the two basic legendary skins launched by Echo. Stealth, like Camo, reimagined the Echo in a slightly militarized way-equipped with missile-loaded wings and illuminated HUDs.

Do I rate Stealth slightly because it gives me some crazy Neon Genesis Evangelion feeling? maybe.

As one of Echo's two dreamy base skins, Moth disguised Echo as a firefly-like moth with paper wings, glowing yellow detail dots and huge green antennae.

This is undoubtedly a great skin, but it also feels slightly softer than Echo's higher-level fantasy skin. The palette of green, yellow, and light red makes this skin soft and neutral, rather than completely gorgeous, so it ranks slightly lower.

Ragdoll can easily beat most of the skins on this list because of its dark and eye-catching design, but its rarity is also an important factor. The skin is simple, but still very detailed-just check the red touch on Echo's fingers, the torn stockings and the dangerous thorny wooden crown. It manages in a way that is creepy in nature, but still PG.

Unfortunately, for new players, ragdolls are player rewards only won during the 2020 Overwatch Halloween Horror Season. It is not clear whether it will be available for purchase again, or whether it will not return like many other "disposable" skins.

The best skin launched by Echo may be the legendary butterfly skin. With the color scheme of "Ilidan Stormrage", this exquisite and vivid fairy skin will cost the player 1,000 gold coins to unlock.

As the 32nd hero of Overwatch, Echo's skin shows the high level of detail development we have appreciated from recent Overwatch skins, and being able to get butterflies at such an affordable price will only make the deal sweeter.

Released as part of the 2021 Lunar New Year Update, Kkachi wrapped Echo in a "magpie's coat" and provided her with some of the most exquisite wings in the game. This skin is decorated with gold silk, soft gradient colors and feathered crown, which is definitely suitable for players who want to create a more dreamy skin for Echo.

Kkachi's name comes from the overcoat worn by Korean children on New Year's Day, making it a suitable version of the Lunar New Year theme.

Although this list mainly covers non-league skins, it does not mention the newly released legendary skins made for Echo to commemorate the Overwatch League 2020 MVP Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim. This is also the last MVP skin that Blizzard said it will produce.

Evil Echo can be unlocked with 200 alliance tokens, but on a limited basis, it is now unavailable. Dividing Echo's torso in two, the skin imagines a dualistic Echo, half good and half evil, her feet dipped in flames (or blood?) It’s amazing, no doubt carefully designed-we are very Unfortunately it is not always available.

What can we say-it's hard to beat the wings of a surfboard! Released as part of the 2020 Summer Olympics update, this incredible skin has become the crown of all other Echo skins with its attention to detail and surrealistic, savage pranks.

It modifies Echo to, oh my god, we don't even know what it is-surfboard? Beach hut? The sea itself? who knows? ! We only know that it looks great! Surf's Up is priced at 3,000 gold coins when it is released. It can only be purchased during the annual Summer Olympics or won in a loot box, but just take a look and you will know that it is definitely worth the wait.

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